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At Landscaping Rock Guys, we have become a leader in the provision of high quality and beautiful landscaping rocks that hundreds of people have taken advantage of to completely change the look and feel of their homes. But in order to achieve this, we have held dearly to certain business practices such as integrity, fast service delivery, customization services, affordability amongst others to be at the head of the park. If you need quality and affordable landscaping rocks or you need assistance with their installation, simply give us a call at 800-816-8970 and we will be glad to offer our highly rated products and services to you.


In our landscaping stones business, it is our belief that it is imperative for the business to be upfront and honest with the clients. In doing so, we will not only build a good rapport with the customers but they will also find it easy to do business with us. For instance, when we give the quotes, we give comprehensive quotes that will cover all aspect of the projects. In this manner therefore, our clients will never be surprised with hidden costs or charges that were never disclosed at the beginning of the project. Call us at 800-816-8970 if you want to deal with the most honest and trustworthy landscaping stones company.

Fast service delivery

We never delay whenever we are contracted with a client to offer natural rock landscaping services. We have a great team of designers who will swing in action immediately the go ahead is given and they will spend very minimal time at your site while ensuring that the installation is done to perfection and you are satisfied as a client. Our technicians and designer are well trained and they possess the necessary skills and expertise to get the job done in the most professional and sound manner. Call us at 800-816-8970 if you want faster installation of your landscaping rocks in your compound.

Customization services

When it comes to landscaping or other design oriented tasks, there is never a one fit all solution. The same applies when it come to the design and even the installation of the landscape rocks. Landscaping Rock Guys offers customized solutions to clients who might wish to have customized stones or they prefer to have customized installation of the stones in their compounds. We have the competency and the skills to bring out any form of customization you might have in mind. All you have to do is to organize for a free consultation and free site visit with one of our landscaping rocks designers to kick start the process. Call now at 800-816-8970 to arrange for the free consultation.


We are aware that the nature and quality of our landscaping stones the highly rated installation services we have warrants us to offer premium prices. However, Landscaping Rock Guys has decided to make the prices reasonable and affordable so that the majority can afford. We find no pride in offering expensive services that no one can afford. Give us a call at 800-816-8970 to learn more about our prices.

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